£21,110.95 in sales from a £2,491.94 spend

We Help Hotels Increase Room And Leisure Sales 
Although the current climate is making it challenging for you to run your hotel and generate room sales you still need to find profitable ways to find new customers.

The example under the photo highlights the opportunity available to hotel managers who want to explore reaching customers on social media.

My name is Leigh Woolard. Together with Emily Tree  we help hotels increase their sales month on month, year on year by reaching customers on Social Media.

With more people spending time on Facebook and Instagram, now is a great time for hotels to reach high quality customers on Social Media to grow your % sales and profit so you can focus on your customers experience and team success.

If you want some free training to understand how to get more direct customers online without relying on the OTA's and paying high commissions or  using  advertising methods that are not working then click the button below to learn more.

View this training to see how your hotel can reach more people and increase sales.
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