Written by Leigh Woolard on March 11, 2020
Today’s Millennial and Gen Z couples are using digital platforms and social networks to research and plan their weddings.

So what can your hotel do to get in front of them and showcase what you offer?

Written by Leigh Woolard on Feb. 3rd 2020.
January can be a challenging time for hotels to get direct bookings. Many have to go to OTA's and drop their prices or negotiate high commission to compete and get sales in. Often drastically reducing their profit.

This doesn't have to be the case.  Facebook and Instagram give you a platform your target customers are using multiple times a day.
Written by Leigh Woolard on Jan. 05th 2020
If You Are A Hotel Should You Be Running Ads In December? 🎄

Here is an example of a 2 night stay campaign we are running this month for a hotel & leisure brand. 92 bookings adding over £20,000 of revenue for the month.
Written by Leigh Woolard on Nov. 16th 2019
Today we have been working on OFFER CREATION with one of our hotel & leisure customers for their new year 2020 Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns.

12 months ago it’s value was £170. This year we have multiples with the best performing at £298. This has added £20,000+ per month  of direct room bookings to their sales, smashing their budget.
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