How Your Hotel Can Target Millennial & Gen Z Couples
Written by Leigh Woolard on March 11, 2020
Today’s Millennial and Gen Z couples are using digital platforms and social networks to research and plan their weddings.

So what can your hotel do to get in front of them and showcase what you offer?

🌟 Put effort into your wedding landing pages on your website. Invest in great photography and contact brides who recently married at your venue for photos. Also a great opportunity to ask for a review.

🌟 Facebook and Instagram pages. Be posting 2-3 times per week images or videos of your venue. Give couples a really good feel before they come to your showcase or personal appointment.

Client Success:
🌟 Use ads on Facebook and Instagram to scale engagement and showcase attendance. This is an example of a lead campaign 28 days prior to a hotel wedding showcase.

Leigh Woolard & Emily Tree

Leigh & Emily help hotel managers to increase sales YoY across their hotel business and exceed owner expectations using Facebook and Instagram ads.

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