Why Spending Time On Your Offer Creation Has A Massive Impact On Your Hotel Profits
Written by Leigh Woolard
Today we have been working on OFFER CREATION with one of our Facebook Ad customers.

12 months ago it’s value was £170. This year we have multiples with the best performing at £298. This has added £20,000+ per month of direct room bookings to their sales, smashing their budget.

Understanding your audience on Facebook and providing them with different offers helps your customers get the best value and your business increased spend per customer.

Don’t do what most marketers do and put your feelings about price and discounting onto your room, golf, wedding, gym, spa or any other products.

Give the customer so much value they can’t say no. Charge a price to attract the right people so you both win.

Leigh Woolard & Emily Tree

Leigh & Emily help hotel managers to increase sales YoY across their hotel business and exceed owner expectations using Facebook and Instagram ads.
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